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Rosewood - Bois De Rose Essential Oil



Botanical Name Aniba Rosaeodora
Plant Part Wood
Extraction Steam Distillation
Origin India

Description: The yellow-golden oil has a spicy, woody, fruity, and floral aroma aiding as a relaxant and is said to help balance emotions and hormones.

Properties: Rosewood essential oil has tissue regenerating properties which is said to help reduce the appearance of scar, wrinkles and stretch marks, it also have antibacterial properties which is said to help remove toxins from the immune system.

Rosewood essential oil blends well with: Orange essential oil, Neroli essential oil, Bergamot essential oil, Lime essential oil, Lemon essential oil, Grapefruit essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Jasmine essential oil, Rose essential oil.

Contraindications/Cautions: Avoid use during pregnancy and Rosewood essential oil may act as a skin irritant so a patch test is recommended before use.

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