Product ETA's

Here is a list of products that are due to arrive and currently out of stock online. If they are not listed below, they may not be on any current orders or won't be restocked.

If you have any questions, please email:


200ml Pharmacist Jars & Lids: 17 Feb

400ml Pharmacist Jars & Lids: 17 Feb

Medium Classic Tumblers: 17 Feb

white candle jar nzcandle jar nzblack candle jar nzamber candle jar nzfrosted candle jar nz

Refined Paraffin Candle WaxMid-Late March

paraffin wax nz

Stainless Steel Pouring Jug 1L: 8-10 weeks

steel jug 1 litresteel jug 1 litre nz

Dark Amber Metro: 14-16 weeks

metro amber candle jar