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Navy Blue Colour Dye Flakes

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Smaller amounts of dye will change the colour scale to range from soft pastel blue to a deep luxurious navy blue. Add 15gms of dye flakes to 1.5 kgs soy candle wax for strong intense colour. 

The magic jug – Add 100mls of soy wax into the microwave pouring jug. Melt soy wax until very hot. Add required (measured) amount of soy candle dye to the melted soy wax. Keep microwaving in 30 seconds to 1-minute bursts. Stir in between 30 seconds to 1-minute bursts until all candle dye has dissolved completely into melted soy wax. Then add melted wax / dye mixture back into wax pot stir thoroughly to mix.

Add dye to melted soy wax between 50 to 60 degrees. Stir dye thoroughly through the soy wax, until solid colour is achieved.  Before adding fragrance YOU MUST wait for wax temperature to drop to below 40 degrees or fragrance will burn off in the heat, leaving a barley there disappointing scent.  

Variations in colour will be determined by the amount of candle colour/dye used.

For darker shades add more colour for lighter shades add less colour.

Colours and shades may vary from batch to batch, so always ensure you have completed your own testing before committing to large batches.

Remember to keep your notes, to be able to duplicate your candle creations.

To ensure the perfect outcome, testing is always recommended before committing to larger scale candle making.

When using darker colours like violet navy and black we recommend wicking up your candle. (Increase the size of your wick, to ensure a better burn of dark coloured candles)

Candle dye flakes are strictly for the making of candles and should never be used for soap or personal care products.

Caution: Overuse of candle dye flakes in candles can suppress the scent throw of the candle and impact the melt pool (the way the candle burns, either quickly or slowly – Testing is always recommended.) NZCS takes no responsibility for the quality and finish of products made. 

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