• Large Classic Tumbler - Silver Chrome Jar 500 -550ml

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Large Classic Tumbler - Silver Chrome Jar 500 -550ml

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Just like its name suggests, this timeless design will never date.

This beautiful candle jar has a shiny chrome, mirror-like finish inside the jar, to give an exquisite shine. While showing off the heavy clear base.

This is a very strong, thick glass jar and complies with ASTM 2179 AND 2147 testing methods. (Ensures glass is able to withstand heat and has no cracks or fractures)

Measurements: Height 12.3cm, Width 10.1cm.

Approximate Volume: 500 - 550ml

We recommend 4mm Cotton Wicks for this jar.

Make sure you check out my wee video, to see the quality and the sparkle for yourself :)

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