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Make your very own reed diffuser just by adding natural fragrance oils or essential oils and polysorbate 80 to premixed reed diffuser base.

BUY POLYSORBATE 80 HERE - You will need 50mls of Polysorbate 80 for every Litre of Diffuser Base. Just mix either natural fragrance oils or essential oils into polysorbate 80 then add the diffuser base. Shake the diffuser base well before adding the fragrance oil / polysorbate 80 mix.

Ingredients: Diethylene Glycol Monoethyl Ether (DGEE) & Ethanol.

The Scent - This is where it gets fun! You can either use essential oils or natural fragrance oils.

  • When using Natural Fragrance Oils, you can simply use a premixed natural fragrance oil of your choice, along with polysorbate 80 into our reed diffuser base, or you can get super creative and mix up your own concoction using our single note fragrance oils.
  • Some like it STRONG! I do!!! I like to use 50% natural fragrance oil (25mls) add 5% polysorbate 80 -( 5mls ) mix well then add 50% reed diffuser base (25mls) because I love strong intoxicating scents.
  • If you’re a less is more kinda person and like a more SUBTLE scent, try 30% natural fragrance oil -(15mls) add 3mls of polysorbate 80, mix well then add 70% reed diffuser base.

When using essential oils the same rules apply. You can either use a single essential oil or you can create an essential oil blend. Essential oils are amazing as they contain natural properties that can help with everything from a setting the mood to increasing focus and concentration and even getting baby to sleep. Just be sure to always add the polysorbate 80 to the natural fragrance oil or essential oil and mix well before adding diffuser base.

To learn more about making your own reed diffusers, you'll find easy instructions here

If you LOVE essential oils like I do, you'll find some reed diffuser recipes here:

Larger amounts are available on request, please contact for bulk purchase.


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