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Heart Melt Mould

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Heart silicone melt mould (makes 15 melts)

Express your creativity. Create cost effective soy melts, for yourself or for the perfect gift.

Making your own soy melts or tarts is super easy and so much fun.

Making soy wax melts yourself, ensures you get the perfect ambience, atmosphere, and scent every time. It also means you know exactly what chemicals you're exposing your precious family and friends to.

Burning Soy Tarts (Melts)

Make sure you allow 3 days for the natural candle fragrances to cure, in your soy wax melts before burning. Otherwise, the full spectrum of fragrance notes will not be appreciated.

Electric – wax melt warmers make a fantastic alternative to burning soy candles. The advantages are they are flameless and the fragrance and essential oils used in soy wax making burns at a constant temperature.

Glad have just launched their Life Scents range at Countdown, and have electric wax melters for only $15.00 each. I spent a good 20 minutes looking at all their melts for sale but I couldn’t find any ingredients. So rather than risk my family burning melts from China. I made my own, and they are stunning.

Old School Essential Oil "burners" – (the ones that use tea lights below) work great too but you’ll need to be super careful and keep an eye on the open flames.

Happy crafting

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