• Purple Fluted Thick Wall Glass Candle Jar - 150mls

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Purple Fluted Thick Wall Glass Candle Jar - 150mls

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This is a very strong, thick glass jar and complies with ASTM 2179 AND 2147 testing methods. (Ensures glass is able to withstand heat and has no cracks or fractures)

Measurements: Height 7.5cm, Width 7.5cm.

Approximate Volume: 150mls

Finish: Purple outer spray*

We recommend 2mm Cotton Wicks for this jar.

* As theses candle jars have undergone a water soluble paint finish, (rather than a solvent finish) they are more prone to scratching, so please take care when handling the jars. Washing, soaking and immersing the candle jars in soapy water will soften and deteriorate the finish. Use only a DRY - soft cloth (microfibre is best) to remove dust, prior to filling. The water soluble paint finish performs just like coloured glass during burning.

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