• Soyacoco Vegan Candle Wax - Advanced Adhesion
  • Soyacoco Vegan Candle Wax - Advanced Adhesion

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Soyacoco Vegan Candle Wax - Advanced Adhesion



Soyacoco Vegan Candle Wax

A proprietary blend of high performance candle wax, sourced from partially hydrogenated vegetable oils of soya bean and coconut.

Melt Point
Fragrance Load
9-11% of total weight
Heating Range 70°
Fragrance Load Temp
57° - 58°
Pour Temp
50°- 55°
1kg starter packs or 5kg, 10kg flakes
GMO Free

  • Smooth tops, one pour candle wax.
  • Advanced adhesion. Specifically designed to adhere and stick to clear glass.
  • Beautiful hot and cold throw. Your candles will smell strong before the candle is lit (cold throw) and during burning (hot throw).
  • Clean burning.
  • Renewable.

    Ingredients: Pure Soy Wax, Pure Coconut Wax - No Additives.

    Always ensure you wash your clear candle glass jar with warm soapy water and dry thoroughly before use. Clear glass often has an oily residue in the process of being made, that may cause wet spots.

    Do not wash sprayed glass as they have already been treated before being sprayed with colour, washing them will damage the candle jar.

    *It is always recommended to test on a small scale rather than jumping straight in.
    Please NOTE- Unlike other companies selling a blend of soy and coconut wax our first and largest ingredient is soy wax. There are No additives just pure vegetable wax. 
    Additives can be added up to 15% of total weight to further harden the wax. 

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