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Zeolite comes from crystallized alumino silicate minerals found in rock deposits from around the world. It is formed when lava is naturally mixed with fresh or salt water. Over the course of a million years, the volcanic ash becomes crystalline. 

Zeolite has the ability to absorb, store and neutralize toxins making it an incredible detoxifying ingredient for beauty spa and soap products. Zeolite is rich in silicon, calcium, potassium and iron. Zeolite is a mineral that gives off negatively charged ions, and Zeolites unique characteristic of attracting positively charged ions, allows a chemical reaction to occur, neutralizing toxic matter. 

When used alone, Zeolite treats normal to oily skin, however when blended  with other clay's it becomes suitable for all skin types. When you blend Zeolite with clay's it boost their detoxifying abilities and creates a smoother silkier consistency. 

Use Zeolite when making detoxifying mud wraps, contour body wraps, body washes, bath soaks, cold pressed soap making, melt and pour soap making, face masks, body masks, skin cleansers, exfoliating products, skin lightening products, clay blends and anti-acne products.

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