Melt & Pour Soap Making for Beginners - How to Make EASY 2 Ingredient Soap

Have you always wanted to make your own soap, but thought it was simply to hard? Or you always wanted to buy a soap in a special (your favourite) fragrance but you can't find it any where? Now the possibilities are endless... OMG this is so exciting!!!!  

A SIMPLE 2 ingredient Melt & Pour Recipe for beginner soap makers that takes less than 10 minutes to make, but will delight your friends and family for months.

Lets get this soap party started.  

Step 1: The Preparation, Making Melt and Pour Soap 

Gather your supplies.  Just like baking your favourite recipe there’s some prep work before you begin.  

You will need a pot to melt the soap base. (I recommend one with a solid bottom, and a pourer on the side. This certainly makes life easier.) 

Or you can microwave the Melt and pour soap using a long spout pouring jug but be very careful as it’s very easy for it to  get too hot and burn, this will affects the look of the finished product.

You can also pour from your pot into a long spout pouring jug to make filling the reusable soap moulds easier. 

You will need: 

- A Clean Pot

- A long spout pouring jug

- Fragrance oils 25- 30mls per 1kg,

- 1Kg Melt and pour soap base,

- Isopropyl alcohol with sprayer

- Newspaper to catch any spills when pouring. 

Set up your soap making area, lay down clean newspaper to catch any spills. 

Ensure all reusable soap moulds are clean, and on a flat surface. Clean soap moulds by spraying with isopropyl alcohol. This also helps the melt and pour soap base to adhere nicely to the mould. Let dry. 

Step 2: The Making of Melt and Pour Soap

Chop the 1 KG block of Melt and Pour Soap Base into approx. 9-10 pieces.

Place into a pot melt on very low heat, stir gently until melted.

Or place into a microwaveable pouring jug –

Melt for 2 minutes, then continue to melt in 30 second bursts, between bursts, stir the soap to help it melt evenly until all soap has returned to its liquid form. Never let soap boil as it’s easy to burn.

Depending on the strength of your microwave this can take a few minutes.

Melt soap base slowly at a low heat, stir to help it melt.

When melt and pour soap has melted, test with thermometer to make sure soap is under than 40 degrees celsius.

If the soap is too hot it will burn off the fragrance oils, leaving you with a barely there, subtle scent, rather than a soap with an amazing scent.

Add fragrance oils and or essential oils. Between 25 to 30mls of fragrance per 1 KG total soap weight.

Mix slowly/folding to ensure fragrance goes through all the melted soap without causing additional bubbles. As bubbles will affect the finished look of your soap creation. 

Step 3: The Creation of Melt and Pour Soap

Carefully pour the soap into the reusable soap moulds as close as possible, to avoid making extra bubbles. Bubbles will typically appear after the pouring process, regardless of how careful you are. It’s an easy fix, spritz the surface layer of the soap with isopropyl alcohol to remove surface bubbles.

This is where I find the long spout pouring jug really handy. Fill all moulds at 1 time.

The soap will begin hardening right away, so do not move or adjust your reusable moulds, until the soap has set solid.

Allow the soap to fully cool and harden for at least 6 hours, overnight is always better, to ensure soap removes from the silicone mould cleanly.

Turn upside down onto clean surface and remove soap from mould carefully - wrap individually in airtight plastic or cellophane.

Step 4: Waiting is the hardest part.

Make sure you allow 3 days for the fragrance oils to cure, in your soap creations before using. Otherwise, the full spectrum of fragrance notes will not be appreciated.

  • Clean your reusable silicone mould with hot water, store away in a clean place for your next soap adventure. 

Enjoy :)

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