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Test your creativity and experience the joy of candle making with the help of NZ Candle Supplies.

We supply an extensive array of materials and kits to help beginner or experienced candle creators enjoy their craft. Our candle products are perfect for anyone who wants to create their own beautiful candles easily.

Our pure soy and coconut wax candle creation kits offer a unique and enjoyable experience for people all over New Zealand. Not only is it a fun hobby, candle making also allows you to express your creativity and create something beautiful and unique of which you can be proud.

Enjoy the satisfaction of lighting a candle you made yourself or the joy of giving one as a thoughtful and personal gift to a loved one.

Candle Making

Candle Making Kit NZ

Making your own personalised candles has never been easier. Each easy-to-use candle making kit NZ includes everything you need to create your own unique candle, including high-quality wax, candle wicks, and fragrance oils.

Our wax is pure, natural, and eco-friendly, ensuring that each candle is not only beautiful but also safe for you and the environment. From natural soy wax, and pure coconut wax, to vegan palm candle wax and refined paraffin candle wax, our types of wax are renewable resources, meaning they are sustainable and good for the environment when you add them to your candle creation.

With our kits, you can create a wide variety of candles, from the classic pillar candle to scented jars and more. The possibilities are endless, and with our wide range of fragrance oils to add, you can create candles with a variety of scents, from refreshing citrus to comforting vanilla.

With NZ Candle Supplies, you can experiment with different shapes and sizes, and add fragrance to produce a candle that perfectly suits your taste. You can also add colour dyes to the wax to create each candle in different shades to match your home decor or personal style. Our candle kits are suitable for anyone to enjoy, whether you're a beginner or an experienced candle maker.

Quality Candle Making Products

Our wax is sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers, and we use only the finest essential oils NZ to ensure that our candles have a long-lasting and enjoyable scent.

You can trust that the candles you make with our kits will be of the highest quality. Whether you're looking to make a candle for yourself, as gifts, or even to sell, our candle design kits are the perfect starting point.

So, why not give our candle kits a try? Not only will you have a fun and rewarding experience, but you'll also be able to create beautiful candles that you can enjoy for yourself or give as gifts to loved ones. Plus, you can feel good knowing you are using natural and eco-friendly products.

With our easy-to-use kits and wide range of fragrance and accessories, you can construct truly unique and special candles.

Candle Making Kit NZ

Make Beautiful Candles With Our Accessories and Supplies

In addition to our candle making kits, we also offer a wide variety of accessories and supplies to help you take your candle creation to the next level. From moulds and wick holders to thermometers and pouring pots, we have everything you need to create a professional-looking candle.

We also offer a range of packaging options, so you can package your candle beautifully and professionally, whether you're selling them or giving them as gifts.

Not only are our kits fun and easy to craft, but they also allow you to express your creativity and make a truly unique candle selection.

When you purchase one of our candle kits as a gift, please let us know in the notes section at the checkout so that we can package them in a more gift-appropriate way. This way, the recipient will not only receive a fun and enjoyable gift, but also a beautifully packaged one.

Wax Supplies

New Zealand Candle Supplies offers a wide variety of natural wax to help you create the perfect candles.

Our wax selection includes natural soy wax, which is creamy and smooth and derived from soybeans, making it an eco-friendly and renewable option. We also have pure coconut wax, made from coconut oil and has a high scent throw for an enhanced fragrance experience.

For those looking for a vegan wax alternative, we offer vegan palm wax, which is derived from sustainable palm oil and is easy to work with while supplying a strong scent throw and a clean burn. Finally, we have refined paraffin wax, which is easy to work with and provides a strong scent throw and clean burn and is a great option for those looking for a traditional wax.

At New Zealand Candle Supplies, we understand that making candles is an art, and we want to provide the best quality wax to help you create unique and natural candles that will light up your home and your senses.

Beginner Candle Making

We understand that the candle making craft can be a bit intimidating for beginners, which is why we add online tutorials and support. Our tutorials provide step-by-step instructions on making different types of candle and offer tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your candle creation experience.

At NZ Candle Supplies, we are passionate about candle creation and dedicated to providing our customers with the best wax products and services. We are constantly updating our wax range and offering new products and accessories, so you can always find something new and exciting.

Make Candles to Sell, Gift, or Enjoy

Our wax candle making kits from NZ Candle Supplies are the perfect way to get started on your candle making journey. Whether you're a beginner making candles or an experienced candle enthusiast, our easy-to-use kits, wide range of fragrances, wax and accessories, and online tutorials and support, make it easy for anyone to produce a beautiful and unique candle.

Plus, our commitment to using natural, environmentally friendly, and sustainable products for our candle and soap creation ensures each candle and product not only looks great but is also safe for you and the environment.

So why not check it out for yourself? Order your kit today and start creating your own unique candle range!