About Us

Crafted by Hand and Heart 

At New Zealand Candle Supplies it’s our endeavour to share the world of possibilities through nature’s endless roster of fragrances. 

Scent is one of the strongest connectors to memory, and to ourselves. At NZ Candle Supplies we know mother nature's range of scents is endless, and therefore so are the possibilities. 

Our role has always been to connect budding candle makers with the tools to succeed, and we’ve been proudly doing so for 7 years. Supplying our community with high quality and rare precious products, all sourced from certified and ethical producers world-wide. 

We spare no effort to maintain the high quality of our fragrance oils, the purity of our essential oils and wide range of other products. To read more about the high standard of our products, click here. 

Whether you’re a new maker keen to explore the possibilities and joy of candle making, or an expert looking to grow their capabilities, NZ Candle Supplies has everything you need to support you on the journey. 

Our Promise to a Sustainable Future 

As a proud New Zealand founded company, we’re committed to lowering the environmental impact of our business. As we support small business owners, side hustlers and hobby enthusiasts, we aim to supply only the best quality products attuned with mother nature. 

We know it’s of growing importance to our customer base to do what we can to protect our planet, so from the very beginning sustainability has been at the core of our business. 

At New Zealand Candle Supplies we are committed to widening the environment conversation through several ways, including; 

  • Buying only unsold and unused catalogues, newspapers and magazines to package our products.
  • Only using fully biodegradable packaging materials.
  • Choosing to opt away from using plastic packaging of any sort.
  • Repurposing our own cardboard waste into other forms of sustainable packaging.
  • Only supplying bottles, labels and supplies that are fully recyclable to minimise the negative effects of packaging on our environment. 

At New Zealand Candle Supplies we are proud to be supporting our growing community with our ever expanding range of quality products. Crafted by hand and heart, we aim to inspire and delight our customers with every delivery. 

We’re glad to have you as part of our community. For more information visit our frequently asked questions page here. Or, feel free to get in touch with us at sales@nzcandlesupplies.nz