How To Make Pourable Soy Wax Massage Candles. Recipe & Easy Guide

Make Pourable Soy MASSAGE Candles using fragrance oils

Making Soy Wax Massage Candles is easy and lots of fun. It’s almost the same as making traditional soy wax candles, but with 2 differences.

  1. The additional of 2 skin loving ingredients, that create a die for massage experience, Cold Pressed Almond Oil and ultra-moisturising shea butter.
  2. You’ll also need to reduce the fragrance load to a skin safe level (between 3% and 5%) of the total soy wax weight. (Example - 1 x 30ml bottle will make 2 x 250ml pourable soy wax, massage candles. Or 2 x 30ml bottles of fragrance will make 4 x 250ml pourable soy wax, massage candles.)

Today we will make Pourable Massage Candles using Cold Pressed Almond oil and Moisturising Shea butter. As this recipe is extremely cost effective and Oh so moisturising on skin.

You can swap out the cold pressed almond oil and shea butter and replace with another Carrier Oil and a different butter of your choice. Just remember to stay with the same amounts, to ensure your pourable massage candles remain at a skin safe temperature.

Step 1: The Preparation

Gather your supplies. Just like baking your favorite recipe there’s some prep work before you begin. 

You will need a pot to melt the wax. (I recommend one with a solid bottom, and a pourer on the side.  This certainly makes life easier.) If you have an old pot without a pourer you can get a silicone pourer here. 

You can microwave the wax but I find it gets too hot and often affects the look of the finished Soy candle. If you do use a microwave, use short 1-minute bursts on a low heat, until soy wax is melted. If microwave is your preferred choice I recommend using a long spout microwave safe pouring jug.

You can also pour from your pot into a long spout plastic jug to make filling your candle jars or tins easier. It also helps to keep the splashes down on the inside of the candle jar, resulting in a professional looking (shop Bought) Soy wax candle.

You’ll also need:

-A Clean Pot /or long spout microwave safe pouring jug.

-Fragrance oils,

-Soy wax, (Super creamy as this has a lower melt point and is the only soy wax that is skin safe)

-Candle wicks

-Clean candle jars or candle tins.

-Double sided tape,

-A butter knife or screwdriver to stick the wick to bottom of the jar.

-Sharp scissors to trim the wick.


-Newspaper to catch any spills when pouring.

-Isopropyl alcohol for the clean-up.

Stick the wicks to the bottom of the jar, Ensure they are centered. A very small amount of double sided tape works well. I find the foam one is the best.  Ensure the tape is not larger than the wick as this may cause a fire risk. Press down with a butter knife/screwdriver to ensure good adhesion.

Otherwise use a dab of hot glue from your trusty glue gun. Always be careful not to have any glue showing as it will catch fire.  

Step 2: Making your pourable massage candle.

Melt soy wax slowly at a low heat, stir to help it melt.

Make sure your making area surface is stable and flat, 

Set up your making area, lay down clean newspaper to catch any spills.

Ensure all jars/tins are ready with centered wicks, placed on top of the paper.

When super creamy soy wax has melted into a liquid, Mix in cold pressed almond oil and Shea butter. Test with a thermometer to make sure wax is lower than 40 degrees celsius. If the soy wax is too hot it will burn off the fragrance oils, leaving you with a barely there scent, or it can change the scent completely.  If you don’t have a thermometer, leave the wax to cool to luke warm before adding candle fragrance oils or essential oils. Mix well to ensure fragrance goes through all wax.

Step 3: The creation of your pourable massage candle

Carefully pour the melted soy wax into your jar or tin. As its lower than 40 degrees C it will be reasonably thick and easy to control and pour without risk of splashing or spilling.  I usually pour into two stages so I can re- center the wick.  Stage 1 pour the jar 80% fill, let cool to semi-solid, center the wick and complete final pour.

Step 4: Waiting is the hardest part

The soy wax will begin hardening right away, so do not move or adjust your candle until it has set solid. As the soy wax begins to harden, you'll see the soy wax go whitish in colour. Leave to sit for at least three hours before moving.  I find it best to trim the wick 5 to 6 hours later to avoid the wick disturbing the top of the candle.  Trim the wick, using sharp scissors.  Generally, you should trim the wick 1. -1.5cm above the level of your soy wax.

Make sure you allow 3 days for the candle fragrances to cure, in your soy wax candles before burning. Otherwise, the full spectrum of fragrance notes will not be appreciated.

Enjoy :)

If you're new to candle making we have 2 incredible Make your own Soy wax MASSAGE candle sets. They come with all the ingredients, jars wicks and impressive gift boxes (with safety instructions and ribbons.

Don’t forget to select the fragrance oils you want when you check out.  (We don’t force you into kit with yucky pre-determined fragrances)

Fragrance selection is absolutely your choice, after all how would we know, what makes you or your Massage partner happy.  Only you know that :)

Happy crafting

Nicole xxx


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