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Elevate your space with quality, handcrafted diffusers composed of natural fragrances by using NZ Candle Supplies effortless diffuser making kits.

Reed diffusers have become a popular home fragrance option due to their ease of use, safety, and affordability compared to scented candles. Unlike candles that require a flame, reed diffusers work by releasing fragrance into the air through the absorption and evaporation of a scented oil mixture.

By using our wide range of natural oils and diffuser essentials you can make your own reed diffusers at a fraction of the retail price. At NZ Candle Supplies we offer bottle kits designed for effortless elegance to fit perfectly into your interior space or as wonderful gifts for those you love.

Making your own reed diffusers gives you complete control over the fragrance, allowing you to customise the look and scent to your preference.


Reed Diffuser NZ

Our premium reed diffuser NZ kits deliver the perfect way to transform any room in your home into a fragrant oasis. Aromatherapy has been used for centuries to promote relaxation, improve focus, and boost energy levels. Now, with our easy-to-use diffuser kit sets, you can experience the benefits for yourself.

With a selection of essential oils NZ, bottles, and reed sticks, we have you covered when it comes to creating diffusers that match your personal preferences. Shop today and uncover our diffuser sets and accessories as a gift for yourself or a loved one.

Making Your Own Diffuser

At NZ Candle Supplies, we understand the importance of good health and well-being. That's why we're dedicated to providing high-quality diffusers, essential oils, and more accessories and products that make it easy for you to experience the benefits of aromatherapy in your own home or office. Our diffuser kits are designed to make it simple for anyone to start experiencing the benefits of fragrance without the hassle of purchasing individual components.

Each of our kit sets include everything you need to get started, so you can enjoy the gift of aromatherapy right away:

Kit Components

A Beautiful Diffuser with Collar and Stopper: Our diffusers are not only functional, but also stylish and modern.

With a range of styles to choose from, you're sure to find one that fits perfectly within your home décor. Each of our diffusers spreads your favorite scents throughout the room, while you don't have to worry about heat or flame. They are safe to use around kids and pets and eliminates the risk of fire.

Premium Reed Diffuser Base: This acts as a thinner which allows fragrance oil to be absorbed and diffused by the reeds.

Fragrance Oil: Carefully sourced and tested, our fragrance oils give your diffusers the beautiful aroma you desire.

Natural Reed Sticks: These soak up the fragrance oil, naturally releasing it into the air for a pleasant aroma.

Gold Transparent Diffuser Labels, Small Black Diffuser Boxes.

Detailed Instruction Manual: To make it easy for you to get started, we include a detailed instruction manual with each of our diffuser kits. The manual covers everything you need to know, from setting up your diffuser to creating the perfect blend of essential oils NZ for your desired mood. Whether you're new to aromatherapy or a seasoned pro, our manual will provide all the information you need to get the most out of diffuser kit sets. Shop now and learn how rewarding diffuser creation can be.

Reed Diffuser NZ

The Perfect Gift

Whether you're relaxing after a long day at work, trying to focus during a busy afternoon, or want to set the mood for a romantic evening at home, our diffuser kits make it easy. Simply add water and a few drops of oil to your diffuser, and let it do the rest. In no time, your room will be filled with the soothing and rejuvenating aroma of your chosen essential oil.

These custom-made diffusers are excellent as gifts, showing the care and thought which is evident when enjoying the sweet aroma of diffusers. Gifts from NZ Candle Supplies exude quality and beauty; they guarantee a happy recipient, whether you're offering fragrance for a friend or family. Shop with us today!

Allowing For Your Essential Oil Preference

Experiment with different essential oil combinations to create unique fragrances. You can try mixing lavender with eucalyptus for a relaxing scent, or lemon with peppermint for a refreshing aroma.

Keep in mind which room you will be using the reed diffuser. For example, a calming fragrance like lavender would be ideal for a bedroom, while an invigorating scent like peppermint would be better suited for a kitchen or office.

Maintaining Your Diffusers

To keep the reed diffuser functioning effectively, replace the reed sticks every few months. Over time, the reed sticks will become clogged with oil and will no longer be effective in diffusing the fragrance.

To extend the life of your reed diffuser, store it in a cool, dark place when not in use. Direct sunlight and heat can cause the fragrance to evaporate more quickly.

Try Our Diffuser Kits Today

Making your own reed diffusers is a fun, affordable, and customisable way to bring fragrance into your home. By purchasing from NZ candle supplies, you can take advantage of our wide selection of bottles and reed sticks to create diffusers that match your home decor and personal style. Whether you prefer a single scent or a blend of different fragrances, reed diffusers are an easy and convenient way to add a pleasant aroma to any room.

So, what are you waiting for? Shop today and start experiencing the benefits of aromatherapy in your home. Our kits are easy to use, high-quality, and come with everything you need to get started.

Whether you're buying for yourself or as a gift for someone special, our diffuser kits are the perfect way to bring the benefits of aromatherapy into your home. Shop and order gift sets now and start enjoying the benefits for yourself!