How To Make Amazing Soy Wax Melts Like A Pro!. NZ Candle Supplies.

Step 1: The Preparation for making soy melts:
Gather your supplies. Just like baking your favourite recipe there’s some prep work before you begin.

You will need a pot to melt the wax. (I recommend one with a solid bottom, and a pourer on the side. This certainly makes life easier.)

You can microwave the wax but I find it gets too hot and can affect the look of the finished product.
If the wax temperature is too high it will cause the fragrance to burn off, leaving a weakly scented soy wax melt.
You can also pour from a pot into a plastic jug to make filling the soy wax moulds easier.

You will need:
- A clean pot.
- Fragrance oils.
Soy wax extended burn. This harder soy wax makes the best melts that hold their shape when made and packed. Extended burn soy wax also makes melt that last longer in the wax melt warmer.
- Clean dry silicone soy wax moulds.
- Thermometer.
- Newspaper to catch any spills when pouring.
- Isopropyl alcohol for the clean up.

Step 2: The making of the soy wax melt/tarts:
Melt soy wax slowly at a low heat, stir to help it melt. If using a microwave, melt in 1-minute bursts.

Set up your making area, lay down clean newspaper to catch any spills.

Place soy wax moulds in the middle of the paper.

When the wax has melted, test with a thermometer to make sure the wax is lower than 40 degrees Celsius.

If the soy wax is too hot it will burn off the fragrance, leaving you with a barely there, subtle scent, rather than a soy melt with an amazing scent throw and fragrance complexity.

Add fragrance oils and or essential oils. Between 10 and 12% of total soy wax weight.

Mix well to ensure fragrance goes through all wax.

Step 3: The creation of your soy wax candle:
Carefully pour the fragranced, melted soy wax into the moulds. As its lower than 40 degrees ºC it will be reasonably thick and easy to control and pour without risk of splashing or spilling. I pour melts in one pour. Carefully fill to the top, do not over fill. As overfilling will cause wastage.

Step 4: Waiting is the hardest part:
The soy wax will begin hardening right away, so do not move or adjust your moulds until all soy melts have set solid. As the soy wax begins to harden, you'll see the soy wax go whitish in colour. Leave to sit for at least 1 hour before disturbing. When the melts have hardened, gently turn them out of the silicone moulds.

While you can use your melts straight away, the fragrance will not be fully developed. It takes 3 days for the fragrance to cure. If you can hold yourself back for 3 days, you will experience a much better scent throw. You will notice
different layers of scent rather than just experiencing the top notes.

Step 5: The presentation:
Soy wax melts make the most amazing gifts. There are so many ways to present them. Make sure whatever you store them in that it's airtight. The presentation tubes provided make a visually appealing gift, just use your imagination when designing a label and some pretty ribbons
and whallah..

Oh I recommend taping the bottom of the tube so you don’t lose your soy wax creations before you add all the pretties.

Happy crafting,
The NZ Candle People :)

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