How To Make Vegan Palm Wax Candles!

About our Vegan Palm Candle Wax

If you're new to palm wax, you’re going to need to approach candle making differently than traditional soy or pure coconut wax as palm wax is a much harder wax.

If you’re a newbie and this is the first candle you're about to make, it’s a bit fiddlier than using traditional soy or pure coconut wax, but we think it’s worth the extra effort. Just be sure to follow the instructions diligently.

A few things to note before you begin, palm wax is a natural vegetable wax derived from the fruit of the palm tree, it is also an eco-friendly wax that burns cleanly. 

Always commit to testing your candles and wicks before making a large amount of palm wax candles. A general rule of thumb when using palm wax as opposed to soy or pure coconut is to step up the wick size from what you would normally use for soy or pure coconut wax. When we talk about testing, candles we recommend you make one candle only and record all the information. Wick size, fragrance load, dye percentage etc. You need to ensure you burn the candle to the bottom so most of the wax gets used, as that is what your customers will expect. It's also a great idea to record how many hours burn time you get out of your candle as your customers will want to know this information when making a purchase decision from you.

As palm wax is more viscous than other vegetable waxes, it has different burn properties, it often leaves some wax hang-up on the sides of the jars, even with the correct wick size. 

Remember to test right to the bottom of the candle, when you're happy, commit to scaling up your production.

How to Make Vegan Palm Wax Candles Like a Pro!

Step 1: The Preparation for making Vegan Palm Container Candles:

Gather your supplies. Just like baking your favourite recipe there’s some prep work before you begin.  

You will need a pot to melt the wax. (I recommend one with a solid bottom, and a pourer on the side. This certainly makes life easier.)

You can also pour from the pot into a plastic jug to make filling jars easier.

You will need:

Centre the wick when you stick the wick to the bottom of the jar, Make sure the wick is firmly stuck to the wick stickum then use the butter knife to ensure good adhesive with the stickum to the bottom of the jar. 

Step 2: The making of the Vegan Palm Wax Candle.

Melt the wax slowly at a low heat, stir to help it melt. Heat up to 80° degrees celsius.

Set up your making area.

When the wax has melted, you can add in coloured dye (at 0.5%, half a percent of the weight of the palm wax) then test with a thermometer to make sure wax is 70° degrees Celsius before adding your fragrance or essential oils. Add your fragrance oils at 6-8% of the total weight or add pure essential oils at 4-5% of total weight of the wax. Be warned If the wax is too hot it will burn off the fragrance and oils, leaving you with a barely there, subtle scent, rather than a candle with an amazing scent throw. 

Mix well for up to 2 minutes to ensure all dye fragrances and or essential oils disperse through the wax evenly. 

Test temperature to ensure its still at 70 degrees.

Step 3: The creation of your Vegan Palm Wax Candle

When pouring the palm wax into your containers or jars it is important to pour at 70° degrees Celsius. 

Palm wax is a one pour method. When you have poured your candle to the desired height. 

Step 4: Waiting is the hardest part.

Remember to test right to the bottom of the candle, then when your happy commit to scaling up your production. 

The palm wax will begin hardening right away, so do not move or adjust your candle until it has set solid. As the palm wax begins to harden, you'll see the palm wax go whitish in colour. Leave to sit for at least three hours before moving. I find it best to trim the wick 5 to 6 hours later to avoid the wick disturbing the top of the candle. Trim the wick, using sharp scissors. Generally, you should trim the wick 1-1.5cm above the level of your palm wax.

Make sure you allow 48 hours for the candle fragrances to cure before burning. Otherwise, the full spectrum of fragrance notes will not be appreciated.

Enjoy :)

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