Make Your Very Own Reed Diffuser in Just 5 Minutes

Lets all agree, reed diffusers are a superb way to add constant fragrance to your home, when they work? If you're anything like me you've probably been suckered into buying 1 or 6 reed diffusers because of the fragrance name, the pretty bottle or the gorgeous packing. Or maybe Santas elves have even popped a few into your Santa sack.

Being a lover of anything that smells good, overall I have been pretty disappointed with the lack of smell from most reed diffusers.

Most store bought reed diffusers, smell pretty (when your very close up) but they certainly don't fill the room, like they say on the box? Another thing that really bothers me, is that they have no ingredients written on the bottle or packaging? This obvious avoidance leads me to believe I am probably inhaling some solvent not fit for humans? Or why else leave it off the packaging?

So with all these things in mind I set out to find the best materials available and believe I have found the perfect solution. A reed diffuser that actually fills the room!!!! This is true, hand on heart :)

Just follow 5 simple instructions, and in minutes you'll have a custom reed diffuser like you always wanted. Check out our easy 50ml starter kits here

Or if you want to reuse or recycle a pretty bottle you have at home, follow the instructions below, and purchase all the pieces individually.


The ReedsAlways ensure the reeds are twice as tall as your diffuser, this ensures good distribution of fragrance. I typically like to use uneven numbers of reed sticks, as I think it uneven numbers always look better. If the sticks are too long and your creation looks unbalanced, trim the sticks before placing fragrance into the jar. You can check out our reed sticks here

The vesselAlways ensure its glass, and has no cracks or chips. As fragranced oils, essential oils and reed diffuser base will strip varnish off polished surfaces, and may damage delicate surfaces. Always wipe diffuser jar with a soft dry cloth before placing on delicate surfaces.

The Scent - This is where it gets fun! You can either use essential oils or fragranced oils.

Recommended ratios when mixing fragrance oils to NZCS Premium Reed Diffuser is 20%. If a stronger scent is required 25% can be added, often larger rooms require an increased fragrance ratio.

  • 100ml bottle of base – add 20 - 25mls fragrance oil.
  • 250ml bottle of base – add 50 - 60mls fragrance oil.
  • 500ml bottle of base – add 100 - 120mls fragrance oil.
  • 1 Litre bottle of base – add 200 - 250mls of fragrance oil. 

    Please note: We recommend you do your own personal testing to ensure the desired scent throw is achieved as some fragrance oils are much stronger than others.

    Always complete filling of diffuser base over newspaper or a hard surface that will not stain or damage, as diffuser base is solvent based.

    Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces and store safely away from children and pets.

    Store only in original bottle or glass bottle.

    Putting it all together, is as easy as 1,2,3,4,5

    1. Assemble your reed diffuser creation on top of newspaper or handee towel to grab any spills, and make sure you do this over a bench top or sink to avoid marking fragile surfaces.
    2. Make sure your reed diffuser jar is clean and dry. Place clean jar on top of newspaper or handee towel. Place reed sticks into the jar to check the length that looks right, and the number of reed sticks that look right.
    3. Pour into a measuring jug the fragrance or essential oil required.
    4. Then pour the required amount of reed diffuser on top. Mix well and carefully pour into your diffuser jar. Do not fill to the top as you need to leave space to allow for the reed sticks. You can always add more later.
    5. Place reed sticks into jar. Leave for 1 - 2 hours, then flip the reed sticks over and insert the dry end into the jar to saturate the other end. Ensure you wash your hands thoroughly and clean the jar with a soft clean cloth before placing in final area. 
    6. Placement is super important. Be sure to place your reed diffuser in an area that gets air flow, to ensure the scent moves around the room. Never place in a stagnant corner, as you'll never get the benefits of all your hard work :)

    Tips: I recommend flipping the reed sticks over weekly, until the scent has diminished. It’s recommended to replace the reed sticks every time you, remake your diffuser as the reed sticks get covered in dust and lose their ability to diffuse oils.

    Perfect placement is the key to reed diffuser success, The entry or foyer works well, when you open the door you are enveloped in beautiful fragrance that sets the scene for whats to come. If your placing your reed diffuser in your bed room or a smaller room make sure its not in a corner, you'll want to ensure airflow to really get the best out of your diffuser..

    You'll find some awesome essential oil diffuser recipe blends here:

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