Make Soy Candles… Gifts from the heart outweigh store bought gifts, everytime.

To make shopping easier and faster because we know your time is important, we have launched a new website. You’ll find all our products and stunning natural fragrances in their own categories. So if you’re searching for floral fragrances, foody or fruity fragrances, or maybe a citrus blend, it’s now only a click away. We’ve also created a category so you can quickly keep up with all the NEW things rolling out in the soy candle making world, rather than having to scroll through all the pages.

We have 2 fabulous fragrance collections to start November off with a bang!

If you’re a smart shopper and love saving yourself some cash, don’t forget to grab our heavily reduced limited edition fragrance sets valued at $19.95 normally $27. These sets are limited to one set of each per order. Once they are gone they are gone.

Octobers collection sold out before months end, so don’t sit on the fence with this month’s collections. We have already sold 17 sets and they only went live on the website on Friday.

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Oh Christmas Tree Natural Fragrance Oil

A perfect blend of Pine, Balsam Fir, Juniper Berry and Cedar create this piney, brisk fresh and woodsy scent, just like a freshly cut Christmas tree.

Orange & Cinnamon Natural Fragrance Oil

Top notes of warm spicy Cinnamon, Clove, and Musk, in a heart of juicy sweet Orange, rounded out with Vanilla Bean and Brown sugar.

Sleigh Bells Ring Natural Fragrance Oil

This seasonal fragrance has everything reminiscent of Christmas, sweet Orange, Green Apple, candied Peppermint with hints of Clove and Ginger.

Three Wise Men Natural Fragrance Oil

A Christmas classic, Sensual and exotic Frankincense and Myrrh, with warm Ginger notes, completed with soft Musk and Vanilla tones.

Festive Christmas Natural Fragrance Oil

A festive fruitsy Christmas blend of Blackcurrant, Plum and caramelized Fig finished with soft spices and Amber notes.

Peppermint Noir Natural Fragrance Oil

A Christmas classic. Fresh notes of Peppermint, blended with smooth Vanilla syrup finished with rich dark aromatic chocolate… Mmmmm

natural fragrance oils

Guava Lychee Sorbet Natural Fragrance Oil

Tropical guava nectar layered with sweet Lychee, finished with Papaya and Mango notes. Delicious. 

Red Currant Sorbet Natural Fragrance Oil

Juicy sweet, sun-ripened Red Currants, blended with tart Black Raspberries finished with a creamy rich Vanilla Bean. 

Italian Blood Orange Natural Fragrance Oil

Infused with soft summer floral notes of Jasmine, Lily, Rose and subtle Orange Blossom.

Vanilla Caramel Natural Fragrance Oil

Intoxicating mouth-watering sticky Caramel, blended with rich creamy Vanilla, toasted Coconut and subtle notes of Frankincense. 

Wild Fig & Vanilla Natural Fragrance Oil

Succulent, sweet, sugared Figs with intense French Vanilla, balanced with subtle clean notes of Bergamot and Summer Berries.

Black Bamboo Natural Fragrance Oil

Eastern inspired, fresh Green Bamboo blended with flowering Lotus, finished with earthy Black Tea and Cedar notes.

We have increased Novembers REVIEW PRIZE to a $100 gift card at New Zealand Candle Supplies. Remember each review gives you another chance in the draw. It’s also a great way to share your knowledge with like-minded candle creators and soap makers. It also keeps me in the know, so if there’s anything I can do to improve my wee companies products and service, I can and I will.

We are seeing a lot of soy wax melt kits going out the door and for good reasons. They are super easy to make and the glade wax warmers are available for the great price of $15 at countdown. This now makes using wax melts a super affordable pleasure.

Don’t forget if you’re gifting or selling soy wax, melts or tarts to grab some gift tubes available under packaging. (Great value 5 for $2.50).

Just for Christmas…We have launched a brand new soy candle making kit, perfect for
gifting this Christmas. We are calling this darling… “The Elves Soy Candle Making Kit

It contains all the goodies to make 8 boxed soy candles, complete with all the glamour and fluff you’d expect from a store bought candle at a fraction of the price. This is one sweet kit that would even make Santa proud!! All you need do is create your own labels.

And of course the easy soy candle making instructions, so your soy candle creations come out looking like you are a professional soy candle maker the very first time.

To make life easier the gift boxes are printed with “Made in New Zealand” on the front and printed at the back are the important safety instructions. We think the made in NZ is important, because that’s why we make our own soy candles isn’t it? Because we know EXACTLY what’s in our soy candles. Unlike some imported candles with toxic chemicals and petrochemical waxes.

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The Elves Soy Candle Making Kit Includes:

- 8 x large, high-quality Metro jars with lids (These jars hold 250ml to 270ml of soy wax)
- 8 x 4mm cotton wicks for soy wax
- 2 x 100ml fragrances of your choice
- 2 Kgs Super creamy soy wax
- 8 x White, ultra gloss gift boxes with sparkly

Multi Fragrance Metro Soy Candle Making Kit Includes:

- 4 x large, high-quality Metro jars with lids (These jars hold 250ml to 270ml of soy wax)
- 4 x 25ml Natural Fragrance Oils of your choice
- 1 Kg Extra Creamy Natural soy Wax
- 4 x 4mm cotton wicks for soy wax- 4 x White, ultra gloss gift boxes with sparkly metallic ribbons (2 Gold and 2 Silver)

Get organised with our selection of unique artisan fragrances to create unique gift ideas for each family member and loved one.

Add extra meaning this Christmas by taking a few moments to think about the most
memorable gifts. It’s often the gifts that someone put their love and time into. Simple gifts from the heart outweigh store bought gifts. Often expensive gifts with no meaning or
emotional connection. The pleasure of giving is equal to the pleasure of making, of creating gifts that are unique. When you pay that much care and attention to your creations it’s not surprising that you’ll create the most memorable gifts this Christmas.

Slow down, shop a little less and instead take the time to make some simple gifts from the heart. There’s something so appealing about a gleaming candle jar bursting with notes of fragrance and watching the mesmerising dancing flame or setting the Christmas table and lighting candles to create to perfect mood.

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Dress up your simple handmade candles and give an average candle a glamourous
makeover. Contemporary chic white boxes with sparkly Gold & Silver metallic ribbons.

Make your own labels!
Here are a few suggestions for small run labels:

I recommend that you get your labels made and ordered pronto as there is likely to be delays with increased volume over the Xmas period.

melt moulds

Check out our latest melt moulds. From $10.

Any questions or just need some help please drop me an email at or call 021 129 5630. If it’s after hours drop me Facebook private message, and I’ll get back to you as quick as I can.

Happy crafting,



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