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Natural Fragrance Oils, Fragrance Oils, Candle Fragrance

Bundle and SAVE - To make it even easier to try our new natural fragrances, we will be offering this month’s 6 new release fragrances for the price of only 4. That’s right $19.95, normally $27. This offer is limited to one per person as we have a limited supply. First in best dressed.

Natural Fragrance Oils, Fragrance Oils, Fragrance Oil

Watermelon Mojito

Chilled freshly, picked sun-ripened Watermelon balanced with zesty Lime and finished with freshly torn Spearmint leaves. This screams warm tropical getaways.

Black Violet & Oakmoss

Strong floral tones of Black Violet, with notes of Bergamot, finished with creamy Vanilla Beans and woodsy Oakmoss notes.


An aphrodisiac blend of exotic Jasmine, sensual Rose, and Patchouli. Finished with warm heady notes of Vanilla Bean, Anise, Cinnamon, and Nutmeg.

Fresh Mint & Lime

A crisp, fresh herby green scent. Layered with Spearmint, Peppermint, and Geranium, finished with sun-ripened tart, juicy Limes.

Feijoa & Lime Meringue

Distinctive strong Feijoa, with subtle notes of Pineapple, Guava, and Strawberry. Finished with tart mouth-watering Lime and creamy Vanilla Meringue.

L'Occitane Lemon Verbena Type

Fresh sparkling citrus notes of Lemon Bergamot and Lime infused with clean Lemon Verbena tones.

Since we launched our wee company we have seen our competitors drop their prices, still not matching our competitive pricing though. We also received a couple of emails and a call about the sudden influx of confusing information regarding ingredients around candle fragrance.

It’s a mind field, but basically we weren’t able to source natural fragrances that weren’t full of synthetics in New Zealand so we sourced and imported our own. Suppliers didn’t know what they were selling and couldn’t guarantee natural. Now it seems every candle site in NZ sells natural to some degree LOL. You can take from that what you like? We think it’s very flattering to be considered a leader at this early stage.

What are they?

Hydrosols are a by-product of steam distillation when plants release their essential oil. Hydrosol simply means, hydro water, however they are not just water, with added essential oils. Hydrosols are a unique product, they cannot be manufactured synthetically.

The micro-drops of essential oil are left intact within the hydrosol. There have many healing properties as it’s all the goodness from the flower plants bark and stems.

The acid balance is 5.5 perfect to match to match human skin. That’s why they make such amazing body sprays.

What do I do with them?

Great question.
If you search the internet there are thousands of recipes that cover everything from natural room sprays, linen sprays, body sprays, travel sprays, natural sanitizers, facial spritz to change moods and moisturize and hydrate the skin. (Rose Geranium) Natural deodorisers spritz on yoga mats, inside sports shoes, sun sprays, ironing water, aftershave toner, natural pet sprays to stop them marking territory and to stop fleas, etc.

I love making my own natural linen sprays and room sprays. I even use them as a body spray. So simple just mix the scents you're after and add water. 1 part hydrosol and 5 parts water. 100mls of any combination of hydrosols and then fill with 500mls of water. Shake well to mix, and
whallah you are good to go.

Store in aluminium or dark bottles to keep the freshly distilled hydrosol at its best. Check out the packaging section of our website, you’ll find empty aluminium spritz bottles there.


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We have some amazing candle gift sets being loaded for November.

We’ll also launch our limited edition Christmas bundle of 6 new release fragrances at the same heavily discounted price of $19.95.

These Christmas limited edition fragrances will be game changers. It’s taken a very long 7 months of toing and froing to get them smelling perfect and just like Christmas. Our Christmas fragrances won’t smell like cheap pine toilet cleaners or synthetic knock-offs. They will smell like the real thing. That’s a promise I can keep :)


We’ll take care of your Christmas gifting. We have some new soy candle making sets along with some seriously sexy gift boxes (ribbons and all) that will have your creations looking like a seasoned PRO.

All you need do is to spend a bit of time working on a slick label and whallah your gift is unique and the bonus is the savings you’ll make this year on crafting your own presents. The old handmade with LOVE comes to mind here.

review, win

Remember each review you do on our website or our Facebook page give you one chance to win.

Review 5 products, you get 5 chances to win the monthly draw.

Good luck, fingers crossed.

Happy crafting,


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