Pure Coconut Candle Wax – The candle industry’s new darling, and mine too!!!


If you’re a lover of the environment and sustainability like I am, then you’re going to LOVE our Pure Coconut Candle Wax!

Our Pure Coconut Candle Wax is made from cold-pressed coconut meat, the same way Coconut Oil is extracted. It then goes through a hydrogenation process, where coconut oil is transformed into a creamy white coloured candle wax.

Coconuts are considered a renewable sustainable crop due to the high yield and crop renewal per acre. Our pure coconut candle wax is non GMO and has no pesticides. 

So…What’s not to love about coconut candle wax. Here are 15 reasons why I think pure coconut wax is worth its weight in gold!!!

  1. Appearance - It's bright White in colour.
  2. It’s odourless – It does not smell like coconuts…at all!
  3. You won’t get any frosting or bloom ruining the appearance of your candle creations.
  4. Great jar adhesion - jars do not need to be preheated or fussed with.
  5. It’s easy to use, you can pour your coconut wax candles at any temperature.
  6. Single pour! If you're using a wick holder you can make your coconut wax candles in a single pour, as there is simply no need to do re-pours. The tops may appear slightly uneven, however this does not affect the candle in any way. I believe this is what identifies the candle as a pure coconut wax candle and as such should be celebrated. And it’s a great marketing tool to educate the customers how to recognise and identify if the coconut wax candle is PURE! If you don’t personally like the natural look you can always blend super creamy soy wax with coconut wax at 50/50 for the top pour to get creamy smooth tops.
  7. It’s non toxic and burns cleaner than other types of candle wax. Coconut wax emits zero soot particles, as the wax is petro-carbon soot free. Coconut wax does not blacken walls nor add toxic carcinogens into the air you breathe.
  8. Burns slower and longer – Coconut Wax burns longer than soy wax, about 10 to 15% longer for the same volume. So if you've made a 250gm soy wax candle you’d expect 50 hours burn time, but the exact same size candle using coconut wax, you’d expect 56 to 58 hours burn time. Coconut Wax candles, tolerate short burns and they also do extremely well with longer burns too. So if you want to burn your coconut wax candle for a quick 1 hour burst or enjoy a long evening with a candle flickering, it makes no difference. Just remember to trim the wick between burns to keep everything nice and safe.  
  1. Vibrant colours – whether you want rich deep colours, pastels or vibrant neons, amazing colours can be achieved using coconut wax. Coconut wax takes colour vibrantly and the colour lasts and lasts without fading. Soy wax is typically much harder to colour and often after a few weeks you may find colours start to fade in soy wax. You won’t find such problems with coconut wax. Check out our colours here
  1. The fragrance load - Holds up to 12% fragrance oil(we recommend between 8%and 12%).
  2. Perfect for essential oils? As the coconut wax burns much cooler (at a lower temperature) than other waxes it’s the perfect companion for making coconut candles with essential oils and natural fragrance oils. The trick when making candles using Essential oils and natural fragrance oils is to add them when the coconut wax is hot, BUT not too hot that they burn off and evaporate. Because Coconut candle wax has the lowest melting point of all candle waxes, it easily melts in a plastic pouring jugin the microwave, it’s perfect to make candles using essential oils. I recommend using 5% essential oils when making coconut wax candles.
  3. Has a superior scent throw (both cold and hot). The best part- the icing on the cake!!!! I've left the very best for last! While the scent throw of a soy candle is great, the scent throw off of a Coconut wax candle is simply off the wall, magnificent! The smell is so strong when the candle is cold. This makes selling coconut wax candles so easy, because when people open them to smell them, they get a great first impression. It just gets better and better too, because when you burn a coconut wax candle the smell envelopes the room and stimulates the senses. It also means you can cut down on fragrance load and offset the cost of the coconut wax.
  1. This wax also blends well with other waxes. I have personally used it at 70% coconut wax to 30% soy wax and found it to be a perfect marriage. I achieved creamy tops with one pour when this blend was used.
  2. It's 100% natural – Celebrate this fact by educating your customers about how to recognise pure coconut wax and all its benefits.
  3. We think  the best properties of pure coconut candle wax is that it’s pure, sustainable and eco-friendly and that it enhances every aspect and detail of candle making, from appearance colour, burn time and the intensity of scent throw. As I said right at the beginning…It’s the candle industry’s new darling, and mine too!!!

So you want to try some? We have 1Kg blocks of coconut wax so, you can test on a small scale and see for yourself, just how great it really is? Or if you just want to jump in we also have it available in 5kg blocks right here.

If you’re looking for a COCONUT WAX starter kit with everything worked out for you, except your choice of fragrance CLICK HERE!!!

We love reviews, so if you’ve got something to say we’d love to hear. Or if you just need some help please just drop me an email. 

To your cratfing success Nicole :)

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