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Natural Soy Wax - Super Creamy



Natural Soy Wax – Super Creamy.

Blended from 100% pure soybeans and botanical oils.

This is a very easy to use creamy soy wax, with standard soy wax burn time.

Resistance to blooming / frosting / white spots.

Typically 250mls burns at 50 hours.

Blends well with other waxes.

Recommended fragrance load 10 to 12% of total weight.

I have made triple scented candles and loaded fragrance to 15% and had no issues. Although I always recommend testing on a small scale rather than jumping straight in.

Low Melt Point: 43-45°

Comparable to EcoSoya CB-Advanced soy wax

Perfect for making candles in fine china and smaller containers as this soy wax won't cause too much heat and stress on the vessel.

Skin safe temperature great for massage candles.

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