Natural Fragrance Oils - Required Percentages


how much fragrance oil should i add to candles

Soy Candles
8-10% of fragrance oil per 1kg of wax.

Skin Care 
2-3% by weight (lotions, creams, massage oils, etc)

Melt & Pour Soap
25-30gm of fragrance for every 1kg of melt and pour soap base.

* All our fragrance oils have been tested for soy candles, soy melts, skin care and melt & pour soap.
Not suitable for lip balms.
fragrance oils for cold process soap

Cold Process Soap
75-90gm of fragrance oil for every 1kg of fats/oils in your recipe.

CLICK HERE for our selection of natural fragrance oils tested on cold process soap.

*Due to a concentrated formulation, you may need to reduce the percentages used.
Testing is always recommended :)