Price Increase Notice

Lately, our business has been struggling with keeping our prices the same. This is mostly because our costs have gone up a lot, and the US dollar rate keeps changing. We buy many of our supplies in US dollars, and since the dollar has gotten stronger compared to our local currency, it's costing us more to get these supplies. Also, other things like higher wages and production costs are making things harder for us. We've tried not to pass these extra costs onto you, our customers, but now we really have to increase our prices to keep up the quality and reliability of what we offer.

Before we put up our prices, you might want to stock up on what you need now. It's a good chance to buy at the current lower prices. We really appreciate your understanding and support during these tough times, and we promise to keep giving you the best quality and service.

** Our price increases will start from 13/11/23 **
Published: 10 Nov 2023