Vegan Palm Candle Wax

Vegan Palm Candle Wax

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Our Vegan Palm Wax is a natural vegetable wax derived from the fruit of the Palm tree, it is an eco-friendly wax that burns cleanly.

If you are new to Palm wax or a newbie candle maker, click HERE to learn more about our Vegan Palm Candle Wax.

*It is always recommended to test on a small scale rather than jumping straight in.

Melt Point


Fragrance Load

6-8% of total weight

Heating Range


Fragrance Load Temp


Pour Temp



1kg starter packs or 2kg, 25kg flakes


Pure Palm Wax - No Additives

  • A renewable, sustainable resource, so it’s environmentally friendly and biodegradable.
  • Palm wax has a high melt point, that means palm wax candles burn longer and are more cost-effective. 
  • Since palm wax is a naturally made vegetable wax, it burns cleanly and efficiently without soot.
  • Palm wax mixes well with other candle waxes and ingredients. You can add palm wax to soy wax and to pure coconut wax to harden the wax. This will extend the burn times and increase the fragrance throw of your candles. Just remember to increase your wick size accordingly and keep accurate notes and test thoroughly. 
  • Palm wax is amazingly compatible with fragrance and essential oils. The fragrance disperses evenly right to the bottom of the candle.
  • Palm wax requires a lower percentage of fragrance than soy wax or pure coconut wax. So, it’s more cost effective to make palm wax candles.
  • Palm wax has excellent hot and cold fragrance throw – smells great before burning and during burning. This is very important if you are wanting to sell your candles so your customers can easily decide what smells is their favourite.
  • Palm wax takes colour dye easily, so making beautiful, coloured candles is a breeze.

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