Incredible Fill The Room, Reed Diffuser Blends Using Natural Essential Oils

I am a big lover of anything that smells good. I absolutely love the look of reed diffusers, with all the reeds facing different angles and all the pretty bottles, but overall I have been pretty disappointed with the lack of smell.

Most of the reed diffuser oils you'll find in stores are made from fragranced oils and while they smell pretty (when you're close up) they have no therapeutic properties. The thing that bothers me about so many reed diffusers is that they have no ingredients written on the bottle or packaging? This obvious avoidance leads me to believe I am probably inhaling some solvent that not fit for humans to inhale? Or why else leave it off the packaging?

So with all these things in mind, I set out to find the best materials available and believe I have found the perfect solution. A reed diffuser that actually fills the room!!!! AAANDDD drum roll, please... A reed diffuser made with therapeutic essential oils that have healing properties.

Here are a few of my favourite essential recipes for a reed diffuser.

Be sure to follow all the safety instructions - you'll find them here

Aromatherapy - Calming blend for a 50ml diffuser bottle
Perfect when you need to feel peaceful calm and relaxed. A great aroma to walk into after a long day at work! Put your feet up and just let the aroma take you away.

Aromatherapy - Sleep well blend for a 50ml diffuser bottle
No more tossing and turning, staring at the alarm clock watching hour by hour slip by. No more anxiety panic or stress about how you'll cope at work tomorrow. Just peaceful restful sleep.


Aromatherapy - Increased concentration blend for 50ml diffuser bottle

The epic holiday or weekend is over, it's now time to get back into the real world of work,r school or study. Focus focus focus. A great aroma for the office, study or when you're cramming for exams.


Aromatherapy - Uplifting energizing blend for 50ml reed diffuser

Perfect when you're feeling flat and life's a bit ordinary and blah. This blend will invigorate and get you moving. A great blend when you're wanting to start new projects and new routines (like the healthy eating and exercise routines lol).


Notes. Every time you make a new batch you'll need to replace the reed sticks, as the reed get covered in dust and then lose their ability to diffuse oils.

Be sure to place your reed diffuser in an area that gets air flow, to ensure the scent moves around the room. Never place in a stagnant corner.

You'll need to read this blog as well to make sure you get the most out of your reed diffuser and to follow the safety instructions.

If you LOVE essential oils like I do, you'll find some here:


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