Ease Anxiety and Stress the Natural Way

In our current day to day lives stress and anxiety run rampant. With work, house and family demanding our attention around the clock, there is little we can do to hold back looming expectations. 

Unfortunately, in our fast paced lifestyles we can’t always just hit the pause button. Things will always need our attention and that is not subject to change anytime soon. However, fortunately there are ways we can manage stress and anxiety in our daily lives. 

Where Does Stress Come From? 

Stress and anxiety are often heralded in from an overactive mind, one caught up in the endless to-do lists and approaching deadlines. When we feel under pressure the nervous system instructs our bodies to release stress hormones including adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol. These produce physiological changes to help us cope with the threat or danger we see to be upon us.  

This overthinking builds and builds, until your body enters what we know as fight, flight or freeze response. 

This signals our body to release adrenaline, but because we’re often not sprinting through the supermarket or office block or doing anything which can expel this adrenaline - it turns into the hormone which produces anxiety and stress. 

A lot of the time your hormones will go back to their normal state quickly, that is if what is stressing you out is taken out of the equation. But because these stress-breaks are becoming far, few and in between our hormones are not being given enough of a break.  

When we experience stress too often or for too long, or when the negative feelings overwhelm our ability to cope, then problems will arise. Continuous activation of the nervous system causes wear and tear on the body. 

How Can We Better Manage Stress and Anxiety? 

There are a few ways we can manage stress and anxiety in our lives, no matter what is driving our overthinking. 

Firstly, and most obviously is to get rid of what is stressing you out, but since we can’t always leave our jobs the moment things get a little tense, this isn’t always applicable. 

The easiest way to reduce stress is to learn how to take a breath, and have a moment to yourself to get your thoughts back in order. Taking time out of your day, whether it’s 2 minutes or 20 means you can start to organise your thoughts and truly unpick what is causing your stress. 

A way to do this could include meditation, writing down worries and making to-do lists, or could simply mean creating a space you can go to, to unwind. 

Our New Zealand Candle Supplies Anxiety and Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend can be used in electric diffusers, candles, reed diffusers or oil burners to create a space that is specifically made for de-stressing. 

This calming blend of Essential Oils Lavender, Chamomile and Frankincense can soothe and relax the nervous system, and may provide relief from stress and anxiety. 

Lavender: The Lavender in this mix can affect the parasympathetic nervous system. The parasympathetic nervous system controls bodily processes associated with anxiety, such as heart rate, breathing rhythm, and hormones. 

Chamomile: This classic relaxing herb has been known to help with sleep and anxiety. This can be attributed to its apigenin, a compound that has some of the same effects as benzodiazepines, an anti-anxiety medication. 

Frankincense: This fragrant herb holds anti-inflammatory properties, which have been known to calm the nervous system, lessen anxiety, and encourage deeper breathing patterns. 

This amazing new oil blend can help to ground you in the present moment, releasing your overactive mind. It can act as a warming and uplifting blend that moves you into a positive space and gives you a moment back to yourself. 

What are the Benefits to Better Managing Stress 

De-stressing yourself is important for your long term health and wellbeing, but it also has a whole range of benefits including; 

  1. Improving your immune system: Stress weakens the immune system and makes you more vulnerable to illness. Relaxation and stress reduction help strengthen your natural defences.
  2. It is easier to maintain a healthy weight: Unfortunately for us stress can cause us to eat or drastically reduce our appetite. This reaction to stress can cause weight gain or weight loss. But reducing your stress levels can help control your appetite and cravings.
  3. Better sleep: Stress makes it difficult to sleep due to the excess adrenaline it releases into the bloodstream, causing muscle tension. Stress management can increase endorphins, which help with muscle relaxation and the production of sleep hormones.
  4. Improved mood: We all know stress can cause you to be moody and irritable. These attitude changes affect the way you react to those nearest to you. As a result, it can put a strain on your relationships. Reducing your stress levels can help restore balance all around. 

Ultimately stress and anxiety run rampant in our modern lives yet with little control over what stresses us out, it is up to us to find ways to manage it. 

Although stress comes in many different shapes and sizes, our Anxiety and Stress Relief Essential Oil Blend is the easiest way to start giving your mind the break it needs. 

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