How to prevent and kill dirty flies and invading insects without using toxic chemicals

Rock on summer and all the great stuff that comes with it, long warm sunny days, BBQ’S, shorts and of course, if you’re a kiwi jandals.
The only downside is when all the creepy crawly insects start reappearing from their winter hiatus. The insect that drives me the craziest is the common housefly. The fact that they get their nutrients from spitting saliva on their food, which liquefies it so they can suck it up with their sponge-like mouths grosses me out to the point of a gag reflux or the fact that the average housefly poops every five minutes – that’s hundreds of fly poop, in your house in a single day. We all know flies aren’t soloists when there is one, there are 50.
The thing that kills me though is unsightly dirty Fly poop left behind on my paintwork during summer months. It’s dirty disgusting and so acidic, it burns through painted surfaces, often leaving permanent marks. Trying to clean walls ceilings and light fittings of fly excrement are tiring exhausting and painful. Vigorous rubbing and constantly looking up on a ladder is not only dangerous but kills your neck and shoulders for days. Painting over dirty fly marks doesn’t work either, as the high acidic content of the POOP burns back through the fresh new paint.” A huge waste of time and money.
Essential oils really work to protect your hard work and investment.
Adding essential oil to your paint will deter and repel insects from landing and pooping on your paintwork. As essential oils are not fatty oils, they won’t leave oil spots on your paintwork, and they smell amazing. I found this tip from “The Real Essential” and I am thrilled with the results. I used a blend of Peppermint essential oil and Citronella essential oil. I loved the fresh smell of Peppermint with the lemony Citronella. The Peppermint is deadly to insects and the Citronella repels them every time. Use ½ teaspoon Peppermint and ½ teaspoon of Citronella to 1 gallon of paint. Make sure you shake and mix paint really well ensuring the essential oils are evenly dispersed throughout the paint.
Spray the foundations of your home RIGHT NOW (Before the summer onslaught) using an eco-friendly alternative of natural essential oils in an equal solution of white vinegar and water. Many insect repellents contain dangerous chemicals that are toxic to humans and animals. They can cause skin and respiratory irritations, and they often leave behind chemical residue dangerous to pets. If you’re looking for a safe effective natural alternative deadly to insects, then look no further than natures very own essential oils.
Natural Foundation spray:
The next day you’ll have a deadly effective bug repellent. (My personal favourite is 10 drops Peppermint essential oil, 10 drops Citronella essential oil and 5 drops Aniseed essential oil.) Mice are repelled with Peppermint essential oil. Spray this safe natural essential oil solution liberally on your concrete foundations on decks and entry points around the home. Instead of spraying dangerous toxic chemicals around your home, use natural insect repellents, you’ll be amazed at the results. RIGHT NOW is the time to protect your home and family (Before the summer onslaught) using an eco-friendly alternative with natural essential oils. Prevention is always better than the cure.
Yours naturally,

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