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Eucalyptus Essential Oil



Botanical Name  Eucalyptus Globulus 
Plant Part Wood
Extraction Steam Distillation 
Origin India

Description: Eucalyptus essential oil has a fresh, clean fragrance. Boasting anti-microbial properties, it works as an expectorant and helps cleanse your body of toxins.

Properties: As well as aiding with toxins within the body additional uses for Eucalyptus essential oil includes odour removal, air cleanser, effective wound treatment, respiratory problem relief, and treatment of sinusitis.

Eucalyptus essential oil blends well with: Thyme essential oil, Rosemary essential oil, Marjoram essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Frankincense essential oil.

Contraindications/Cautions: Eucalyptus essential oil can become toxic when consumed in large quantities, and may interfere with other homeopathic treatments. In some sensitive individuals eucalyptus essential oil may cause airborne contact dermatitis, so a patch test before use is recommended.


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