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Botanical Name  Melassa Officinalis 
Plant Part Leaf
Extraction Steam Distillation 
Origin India

Description: Melissa essential oil (commonly known as lemon balm) is a fragrant plant from the mint family. Like other citrus oils, Melissa essential oil is uplifting and rejuvenating, and is commonly used in tea, soaps and facial products.

Properties: Melissa essential oil is an effective antidepressant and is said to invoke feelings of warmth to the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Melissa essential oil blends well with: Geranium essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Basil essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Roman Chamomile essential oil, Rose essential oil, Ylang-Ylang essential oil.

Contraindications/Cautions: Pregnant women and those who have sensitive skin should avoid using Melissa essential oil.


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