• Black Truffle Fragrance Oil

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Black Truffle Fragrance Oil



Sensual rich, creamy and earthy with an intensely   hypnotizing exotic flower scent.

It's said when the aroma hits you, you simply forget everything around you.


*Disclaimer: Our fragrances are unique to NZCS. A fragrance from another company with the same fragrance name, does not mean you will get exactly the same scent. We always recommend purchasing a 30ml sample to test first. It is very important to thoroughly test all fragrances for suitability before committing to larger batches as different fragrance oils perform differently.  Some fragrance oils may discolour wax and soap due to their unique colour and vanillin content, and their natural reaction to other ingredients. Therefore, the fragrance is not at fault, and NZCS takes no responsibility for the quality and finish of products made. 

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