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Cardamom Essential Oil



Botanical Name  Elettedria Cardamomum
Plant Part Seed
Extraction Steam Distillation
Origin India

 Description: Cardamom essential oil has a warm, spicy and fruity scent with a slight minty flavor. It is most commonly used as a spice for cooking but is said to be beneficial for the immune system in a variety of ways, commonly used to soothe discomfort within the stomach as well as protecting the stomach from possible infections.

Cardamom Essential Oil blends well with: Bergamot essential oil, Cedarwood essential oil, Cinnamon Bark essential oil, Clove essential oil, Orange essential oil and Rose essential oil.

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Cardamom Essential oil is said to help defuse the effects of insect bites and clean out toxins in the body. The distinct aroma of Cardamom Essential oil is known to provide comfort and relaxation for the body and mind. The warming properties Cardamom Essential oil has are known to provide relief of colds, headaches coughs and help with clearing congestion.


Contraindications/Cautions: Avoid contact with eyes, inner ears and any sensitive areas as when Cardamom essential oil is applied in highly concentrated dose it may cause irritation and possible sensitive to skin. It is not recommended to use when pregnant or nursing as the warming effect of Cardamom essential oil may cause harm to the baby.

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