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Spruce Essential Oil



Botanical name Picea Alba
Plant part Needles
Extraction Steam distillation
Origin Russia

Description: Similar to Pine and Balsam fir; Spruce essential oil has a sweet, fresh, ‘green’ aroma. It contains anti-inflammatory properties and is said to be beneficial for relieving joint and muscle pain.

Properties: Spruce essential oil is known to be helpful for respiratory problems including bronchitis, coughs, and congestion. It’s antibacterial properties are said to boost the immune system and fight colds, flu and infections with the body.

Spruce essential oil blends well with: Eucalyptus essential oil, Wintergreen essential oil, Lemongrass essential oil and Frankincense essential oil.

Contraindications/ caution: When used undiluted, Spruce essential oil may cause irritation to the skin so it is advised to us in low doses.

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