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Caraway Essential Oil



Botanical Name Carum Carvi
Plant Part Seed
Extraction Steam Distillation
Origin India

Description: Caraway essential oil has a sweet and spicy scent, with subtle traces of pepper throughout. The warm, aromatic scent from Caraway essential oil is said to help neutralise effects histamine and clear coughs and seasonal allergies. It is also said to help women suffering obstructed menstruations and increasing milk production for lactating mothers. 

Caraway essential oil blends well with: Basil essential oil, Roman Camomile essential oil, Coriander essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Ginger essential oil, Lavender essential oil and Sweet Orange essential oil. 

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Caraway essential oil is said to recharge the body by lessening the effects of fatigue and activating the brain and can help with relaxation of muscles. Caraway essential oil is also used for its stress relieving properties emotional drain as well as boosting your respiratory tract.  


Contraindications/Cautions: When applied to the skin in highly concentrated forms, it can become irritated and cause rashes and/or itching. Pregnant women should not use Caraway essential oil as it can cause menstruation, and harm the unborn child. Check with your physician before using if you are lactating as it if it is safe for you.

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