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Premium Reed Diffuser Base



Our Premium Reed Diffuser base oil is so easy to use, simply add your favourite fragrance oil or essential oil, mix thoroughly then pour into your diffuser glassware.

Recommended ratios when mixing fragrance oils to NZCS Premium Reed Diffuser is 20%. If a stronger scent is required 25% can be added, often larger rooms require an increased fragrance ratio.

  • 100ml bottle of base – add 20 - 25mls fragrance oil.
  • 250ml bottle of base – add 50 - 60mls fragrance oil.
  • 500ml bottle of base – add 100 - 120mls fragrance oil.
  • 1 Litre bottle of base – add 200 - 250mls of fragrance oil. 

Please note: We recommend you do your own personal testing to ensure the desired scent throw is achieved as some fragrance oils are much stronger than others.

Always complete filling of diffuser base over newspaper or a hard surface that will not stain or damage, as diffuser base is solvent based.

Keep away from wood and plastic surfaces and store safely away from children and pets.

Store only in original bottle or glass bottle.

To learn more about making your own reed diffusers, you'll find easy instructions here

If you LOVE essential oils like I do, you'll find some reed diffuser recipes here:

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