Aromatherapy Blog - The Top 20 Essential Oils, Beneficial to The Nervous System.

Essential Oils are said to be one of the greatest untapped resources of the world. The floral, herbal and citrus, scents are excellent for aromatherapy and  have been used for centuries all around the world but its recently been forgotten the other uses of essential oils. Not only do essential oils smell amazing they also have great health benefits! They have the ability to not only help with emotions, internally, spiritual, physical levels and intellectual areas of our lives! To add to the long list of benefits for essential oil they don't leave toxins behind when leaving or entering the body. 

Here is a List of 20 Therapeutic Essential Oil That are Beneficial for the Nervous System:

  1. Bergamot Essential Oil
  2. Citronella Essential Oil
  3. Geranium Essential Oil
  4. Frankincense Essential Oil
  5. Lemon Essential Oil
  6. Lemon Verbena Essential Oil
  7. Lemongrass Essential Oil
  8. Lime Essential Oil
  9. Mandarin Essential Oil
  10. Melissa Essential Oil
  11. Menthol Essential Oil
  12. Palmarosa Essential Oil
  13. Rose Essential Oil
  14. Rosewood Essential Oil
  15. Sage Essential Oil
  16. Sandalwood Essential Oil
  17. Spruce Essential Oil
  18. Tangerine Essential OI
  19. Tea Tree Essential Oil
  20. Tomar Seed Essential Oil
  21. Tumeric Root Essential Oil

Here are some super easy Essential Oil blends to try out:


I find Baths super relaxing anyway, but add essential oils into it and you'll feel even more refreshed as well as many of health benefits!

Mix together into a warm bath.

Massage Oil:

Mix all ingredients together in a clean bottle and shake well. Massage into the back of your neck, arms and back. 

 Need empty bottles? Fear not!

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 * This information is not a substitute for medication / medical advice and is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Keep away from children at all times.

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