Aromatherapy Blog - Top 5 Essential Oil recipes to Calm, Relax and Uplift.

Are you stressed out and looking for ways to help calm you down?

I always find myself need to step back from things and gave a little breather because Im such a worry wart! Essential oils are now a huge part of my day to help me relax thanks to their therapeutic aroma and calming properties.

Stressed? Here is a list of Therapeutic Essential Oils that a beneficial for it:

  1. Aniseed Essential Oil
  2. Balsam Fir Essential Oil
  3. Basil Essential Oil
  4. Bay Leaf Essential Oil
  5. Black Pepper Essential Oil
  6. Cardamom Essential Oil
  7. Cedarwood Essential Oil
  8. Clary Sage Essential Oil
  9. Cypress Essential Oil
  10. Frankincense Essential Oil
  11. Geranium Essential Oil
  12. Ginger Essential Oil
  13. Lavender Essential Oil
  14. Lemon Essential Oil
  15. Lemongrass Essential Oil
  16. Mandarin Essential Oil
  17. Marjoram Essential Oil
  18. Melissa Essential Oil
  19. Menthol Essential Oil
  20. Myrtle Essential Oil
  21. Petitgrain EssentialOil
  22. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil
  23. Rose Essential Oil
  24. Rose Geranium Essential Oil
  25. Rosewood Essential Oil
  26. Sandalwood Essential Oil
  27. Spruce Essential Oil
  28. Sweet Orange Essential Oil
  29. Tomar Seed Essential Oil
  30. Wintergreen Essential Oil
  31. Yarrow Essential Oil
  32. Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil

Essential oils have powerful properties that can calm emotions. These essential oil recipes are great help uplift your mood:

Foot Soak:

Mix Essential oils and Carrier oil with the tub of cool water. Soak feet and relax for about 10-15 minutes!

Steam Inhalation:

Are you feeling overwhelmed with everything right now and can't seem to find time to relax?

Here's a super easy and uplifting blend that'll help relax your mind leaving you feel calm and uplifted. Lavender Essential Oil Just add 5-10 drops of  Essential Oil in a bowl of hot water. Place your head over the bowl with a towel draped over your head, close your eyes and Inhale the vapours.

Here's a few other Essential Oils you can use:

This is a quick and easy blend to do when you don't have a lot of time but need some time to relax and keep yourself calm


When aromatherapy oils are blended in the bath they may help you feel more relaxed and de-stressed. For best results close all the doors and windows to prevent the vapours from escaping!

You're now ready to sneak away with a glass of wine and relax (:

 Need empty bottles? Fear not!

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 * This information is not a substitute for medication / medical advice and is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Keep away from children at all times.

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