Aromatherapy Blogs - All Natural Recipes for Killing Flies and Pests Using Essential Oils

Posted on 15 August 2017

We all love summer, the long warm sunny days and everything else that comes with it. But of course that means it's time for the creepy crawly insects to start reappearing from their winter hiatus. Which isn't so much fun for us.

Always being bitten or is your house surrounded by pest in the warmer months? Here's 22 essential oil that are a natural insecticide:

Seriously Killer Recipes:

Been bitten?

This Super easy, natural remedy will help soothe the bite and relieve discomfort. Blend together and apply on the bite every few hours for best results.

This mist spray will help protect you from those nasty pests:

Mix together in a clean bottle and spray on exposed areas of the body before going outside. 


You gotta love candles! They create such a delightful and wonderfully scented atmosphere. They can also help protect you from insects buy placing just a few drops of Citronella Essential Oil into the candle before lighting!

Natural Foundation Spray:

Looking for a safe effective natural alternative to insects, then look no further than natures very own essential oils!

Blend together in a mist bottle and leave overnight. The next day you'll have a deadly effective bug repellent.

 Need empty bottles? Fear not!

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* This information is not a substitute for medication / medical advice and is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Keep away from children at all times.

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