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Lost your energy, your sparkle... your get go!!!  Its not hard to do in this crazy fast passed world. A few nights broken sleep and lets face it life just seems to get hard.

How about a mood boost to get things back on track. Pure essential oils contain natures most potent scents that work directly with our bodies natural rhythm. It make sense right, we to are part of nature. When you take time to go for a walk in nature, a forest or a beach you always feel better don't you? Why? because you are breathing in fresh air and breathing in nature. The re-connection with nature is where the inner energy and the power comes from.

But in today's hectic life its hard to find the time to go out and connect with nature, so the next best thing is to breathe in natures finest pure essential oils. I've put together a list of pure essential oils that refresh both mind and body. Hands up if you could use a wee boost to brighten, enhance and refresh you day.

Essential oils that refresh both the mind and body!

Here's a goodie for your oil burner, smells amazeballs!!!!!

Oil Burner:

This refreshing blend will up uplift and relax you.

Place the burner anywhere around your home or office and Inhale the vapours for best results.

Massage Blend:

If you're feeling run down, and flat out exhausted, then try this! It'll perk you up and you'll be again be ready to go.! 

Massage onto neck, upper back and temples in the morning and you'll feel refreshed and uplifted, ready to start your day!


A refreshing blend to help you wind down after a hard day.

Blend in together in a warm bath and relax. Let the aroma refresh you and release you tension. Close doors and windows for best results. 



Need empty bottles? Fear not!

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* This information is not a substitute for medication / medical advice and is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Keep away from children at all times.

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