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Are you feeling completely run down and tired? You just can't seem to shake off this funk your in? Essential oils are natural and can have positive benefits on your mood, simply smelling the aroma can get you out of your funk and make you feel 100x better.


We all that extra bit of energy some days. Here's a few energising essential oils:

Have a look at these natural pick me ups using essential oils:

Oil Burner for Relaxation:

Baths always make me feel so relaxed and a lot more energised! 

You can burn this natural blend while your having a bath and it'll help you feel more relaxed and uplifted!

 Reed Diffuser :

A reed diffuser blend that will leave you feel energised and ready to go. 

Blend all ingredients together into a clean diffuser jar, for an uplifting and energising aroma. If you like a stronger aroma (like I do) mix 35mL reed diffuser base, and for a more subtle diffuser mix 25mL reed diffuser base.

(please note: this mixture is based off our 50mL diffuser jar)

Massage Oil:

this blend will give you an energy boost without putting all those nasty toxins in your body. 

Blend this mixture in a clean glass bottle and shake well. Massage into your body and enjoy the calming and uplifting aroma. 

 Need empty bottles? Fear not!

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* This information is not a substitute for medication / medical advice and is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Keep away from children at all times.


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