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Breathe ...breathe breath deep, we all hear its the be all, and end all to get us into a deep meditative relaxing state. But how do you turn of the busy mind that's constantly chattering. Telling you, reminding and niggling that the washing needs folding, to pick up the dry cleaning,  that your sons karate uniform needs washing for training tonight. Or that you haven't paid the car registration. Or taken the fish out for tonight dinner. Or maybe your mother in laws coming over for dinner and your wondering how on earth, your going to get the house tidy and vacuumed in under an hour before she arrives. All while smiling and seeming like you've got every thing under control.
Please tell me this sounds familiar Does this sound familiar? This is what goes through my head constantly a never ending to do list.  Our technology is supposed to help us make life easier but all it seems to do is create deeper feelings of stress overwhelm and disconnection. 
The solution, Meditation. Mediation can help you relax by calming your mind and refocusing your energy. To help create a quicker pathway to achieving a state of  mediation, many cultures  have used pure essential oils for thousands of years. Deep breathing selected essential oils opens up your energy pathways and helps still the chattering conscious mind.
Allowing you to gain clarity calmness and peace of mind, and again find joy in the simple things.
Essential oils that are amazing for meditation and spiritual health:

Recipes to help get your mind to focus:

Spiritual Reed Diffuser:

Diffuse this blend during meditation to help with a relaxing atmosphere.

Mix together in a 50mL clean diffuser jar and it'll help deepen and encourage the connection with yourself.


Deeper Breathing Massage Oil:

This therapeutic blend will relax your mind and help you focus. Frankincense Essential Oil promotes a deeper meditative state, while Mandarin Essential Oil helps with clarity and focus.

Mix together in a clean glass bottle and shake well. Massage onto the back of your neck and the soles of your feet for best results.


Relaxing Face Mask:

I love face masks! I just hate knowing what ingredients they are made from. I found a natural homemade face mask that'll both destress and relax your mind!

Add 2 drops of Essential Oil to 2 teaspoons of clay, and blend with water. Once blended apply mask to your face avoiding the eye area and mouth. Keep the mask on for 5 minutes then rinse off with cool water.

Here's a list of Essential Oils you could use:

Not only will this blend relax and comfort you it'll also moisturise your skin.

Need empty bottles? Fear not!

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* This information is not a substitute for medication / medical advice and is not intended to cure, diagnose or treat medical conditions. Keep away from children at all times.

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